Fraud Investigation Services

Fraud and misconduct issues continue to be a major concern for the organizations today. With complex business environment of increased regulation and enforcement, managing an organization’s risk of fraud and misconduct has become an ever-increasing challenge. We assist clients in preventing, detecting, and investigating fraud and misconduct, as well as avoiding and resolving disputes, through our multiple solutions:

Fraud Risk Assessment and Management

We carry out fraud risk assessments using the knowledge of the client’s organizational structure, business environment, and its industry-specific knowledge to create solutions that enable mitigating the risk of fraud. These assessments can help determine which processes are vulnerable to fraud, potential frauds in the existing internal control environment and the existing mitigating controls. The assessments also assist in developing a continuous monitoring mechanism (pro-active detection view) with an anti-fraud perspective (prevention view) as well as a fraud response plan (remedial action view).

Background Investigation Support

In a dynamic business environment with growing focus on regulations, it is important to be aware of all the facts pertaining to the entities and people before entering into any business relationship with them. Associating with a third party without conducting a background check can expose an organization to risk of fraud, litigation, reputational loss, financial damage and, in some cases, termination of business.

We support clients in gathering information on specific targets (individuals/ entities) in order to highlight any red-flags that can be potentially damaging to an organization. Our background checks are able to provide wide range of information like shareholding/ ownership structure of an organization, key personnel, pending cases/ litigation, market reputation, business style, regulatory non-compliance, adverse media, credit check, international watch lists, etc.

Fraud, Misconduct and Corruption Investigation

Our approach for fraud detection and prevention is customized considering the client’s operations and sensitivity of information involved. We can ascertain the quantum of fraud, the parties involved in perpetrating the fraud as well as the modus operandi. We can also assist clients understand the control gaps that need to be plugged to prevent such incidents in future.

Litigation Support

Exposure to disputes is rising, with concerns over corporate structures and regulatory pressures ever present. At the same time, our clients may be dealing across borders in different cultures and legal systems, as well as unfamiliar regulatory and accountability requirements. We can provide assistance during all phases of a legal matter, from early complaint and discovery through damage analysis, trial preparation and expert testimony.

Managing Fraud Risk on Buying or Selling a Business

In today’s global market, where not all information is transparent, the transactions present an even greater challenge. We help organizations to evaluate the fraud risk related to potential buy/sell entities and understand the challenges that may arise from the transaction.