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New Product Launch – Comprehensive Go-to Market Strategy

Background and challenge

A large FMCG player wanted to launch a product, market of which was dominated by a competitor brand with 90% share. Xcelion was engaged to strategize, plan and support in execution of launch of the product involving marketing, branding, sales & distribution.


We began by conducting market surveys to gather insights on product demand, existing and expected product features and customer expectations. Data from survey was thoroughly analysed to understand customer and market expectations. Based on analyses, an agile Go-to Market strategy was prepared.

Then we conducted internal assessment with the client to perform a SWOT analysis of sales & marketing team, distribution model,  marketing and branding strategy and planning. In-depth interviews were conducted with S&M team, existing distributors and other channel partners to assess their capabilities to successfully launch new products. Insights of internal assessment were taken into consideration and a transition plan was designed, detailing required revision in policies, procedures and use of technology in Sales and Marketing activities to best match with current opportunities.

Thereafter, Go-to Market strategy was converted a comprehensive Sales & Marketing plan tailored to each target launch market, covering opportunities available in the market, barriers to growth, key competitive advantages and a roadmap to success.

Xcelion supported in execution of plan including marketing and branding activities, selection of sales team, channel partners, and marketing agencies, and supply chain and pricing strategy. Xcelion not only guided the Client team with product launch but also supported in day to day operations of sales, marketing and supply chain to ensure seamless execution of product launch plan.


We were able to successfully penetrate the highly competitive market and place new product with repeat sales from prominent POS. Product was liked by customers and market share of the product is steadily growing.